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Annual Reports

Joint report composed alternatively by each section of the International Boundary Commission describing work performed along the International Boundary. Each report details the activities the IBC performs during the respective years.

Sectional Reports

These reports are the original records of the boundary survey under the treaty of 1908. They were published following the acceptance of the survey of each section by the Governments. There are a total of 8 reports, available:

  • Source of the St. Croix River to the Atlantic Ocean, 1934
  • Source of St.Croix River to the St.Lawrence River, 1925
  • St. Lawrence River and Great Lakes, with full set of 30 maps, 1915
  • Northwesternmost Point of Lake of the Woods to Lake Superior, 1931
  • Gulf of Georgia to the Northwesternmost Point of Lake of the Woods(49th Parallel Boundary), 1937
  • From the Western terminus of the land boundary along the 49th Parallel, on the west side of Point Roberts through Georgia, Haro and Juan de Fuca Straits to the Pacific Ocean, with accompanying Chart, 1921
  • Tongass Passage to Mount St. Elias, 1951
  • 141st Meridian from the Arctic Ocean to Mount St. Elias, 1918

Special Reports

These reports were published by the Commission at different intervals to update the coordinates of a segment of the boundary to NAD 27 and to gather information on the maintenance of a section. There are 7 Special Reports available:

  • Source of St. Croix River to Mouth of St.Francis River, 1956
  • Mouth of Niagara River to the head of the St.Clair River, 1957
  • Source of the St.Croix River to the Atlantic Ocean, 1962
  • Arctic Ocean to Mount St.Elias, 1966
  • St. Lawrence River, 1967
  • St.Francis River to the St.Lawrence River, 1983
  • St.Lawrence River to Lake Superior, 1986


To order specific copies of the original boundary maps please submit your request via the Contact Us form. These copies of the original boundary maps show a detailed 1-2 km strip of land on each side of the boundary. In total, there are 256 maps at various scales.


Geographical Positions along the International Boundary

NAD 27

The coordinates for the entire boundary are available on NAD 27 datum.

Digital Boundary

The shapefile was generated from NAD83 geographic positions of the boundary monuments and turning points. Some coordinates are from recent surveys, while most are datum conversion. It is for mapping use only. Metadata files are included and are country specific.

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