G - Tongass Passage to Mount St. Elias

Boundary vista running through the mountain between Hyder, Alaska, and Stewart, British Columbia

Section 27 - Portland Canal

From the mouth of the Portland Canal at the Dixon entrance, the border penetrates inland along this majestic fjord. The boundary ascends the length of Portland Canal for a total distance of 290 kilometres (180 miles) to its head at the communities of Stewart, British Columbia and Hyder Alaska.

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Section 28 – Southeast Alaska

From the head of the Portland Canal, between the municipalities of Stewart in British Columbia and Hyder, Alaska, the line follows a series of mountain peaks about 48 kilometres (30 miles) from the coast until it intersects the 141st Meridian.

The 1,142-kilometre (710-miles) segment of land boundary is defined by 90 mountain peaks and many intermediate monuments. While much of the line passes over perpetual snowfields, numerous rivers lined with heavy timber cross the boundary between mountain peaks. The difficult landform and isolation of this area make access and maintenance very difficult

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